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We hadn’t forgotten.
In the grounds of Emanuel Church, Mayor of Sutton Coldfield, Carol singing and not forgetting the Mulled wine and Mince pies !!!
December 08th at 5pm… See you there.


Hi Everyone,
The new flyer will be delivered within the next few days with the information for the next meeting
WEDNESDAY 21st March at 7:30pm.
Do you fancy a a free meal for 2 at the VERDO LOUNGE ? The rear of the flyer has a ticket to fill in and cut off. It requires your name and phone number, if your prefer to leave your email instead of your number please do so to contact you. Please bring along to the meeting.


KIDS Funding withdrawn

KIDS Funding withdrawn

KIDS: Birmingham Road, Wylde Green. CLOSURE

Birmingham City Council have withdrawn funding for their service meaning it will close on 31st March 2018. The decision by the council has been reached without consultation or without a clear strategy in place.
This is a centre that looks after Kids and their families to give them that little bit of rest bite.
PLEASE Visit their website to see the good and and hard work they do. Well worth a visit.

Or Letter of Support.:


HOMELESS People in Area

The Forum have had many enquiries into the amount of “Homeless” people in the Sutton Area. We have been made aware that some of these are professionals and travel in to lucrative areas. With this in mind a document has been produced as a plan of action. SOCKS & CHOCS:
Please read and circulate and help the genuine Homeless.


335 Birmingham Rd. Sutton Coldfield – Planning Application 2017/07438/PA

335 Birmingham Rd. Sutton Coldfield
Planning Application 2017/07438/PA

The planning application for the site of the old  normon laud centre has submitted several revisions which I wanted to let you know about.
They intend to reduce the number of children down to 70 and have submitted plans to widen the road.
A number of residents and the surgery still feel that these do not go far enough, the car park spaces are too small, the issues with the turning circle at the end of the driveway remain, and the potential issues down to the main road, backing up especially with the crossing situated there remain.
They also mention the likely difficulties with surgery patents having car park spaces, inadequate disabled parking spaces, and a need for emergency vehicles to access the drive.
May I encourage you to submit your comments again in light of the revisions to the planning application.

I refer to the above planning application for change of use from a residential and special care centre (Use class C2) to a children’s day nursery (Use class D1) and for the provision of 11 no. additional car parking spaces at 335 Birmingham Road, Sutton Coldfield.
As per the attached the applicant has submitted a plan showing alterations to the access road to enable two vehicles to pass one another. They have also agreed to reduce the number of  children from 96 to 70. I will notify local residents of the proposed changes.”



It appears that possibly only one house has had its Garden waste collected in a long road in Wylde Green. It  cannot be confirmed as some bins may have been taken in.
The possible reason is that the particular house regularly fills out the missed Collection at 3.30 every day it has not been done. Thus messing up the statistics.
The advice is if you are not doing this then do so:
Missed Rubbish collection
It is up to you.


BRITAIN IN BLOOM – Wylde Green 2018

Britain In Bloom.
Although it is next year (2018) there is need to do a lot of preparation. Flowers to grow, order, Home gardens will be inspected around the area, Streets for tidiness, cleanliness etc..
Work tradesmen/women will need to be booked before hand.
Cannot afford to leave things to the last minute.
A Talk will be given at the Forum meeting November 14th.  Facebook Event : @WGNFTOO for more details when/where.
You can visit the Britain in Bloom site BRITAIN IN BLOOM
Please show your support.