Wylde Green

Wylde Green is a residential area within the town of Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham, England in the West Midlands.

In the 16th century Wylde Green was an area of barren common land known as the Wyld, sparsely populated and apparently frequented by lawless bandits and robbers, thus deriving its name. Now it’s a thriving and friendly neighbourhood, known for its greenery, situated in the New Hall ward of Sutton Coldfield. Its current population is 2500-3000 and its shopping centre along the Birmingham Road serves the neighbourhood very well with its shops, banks, restaurants and a family pub. These range from small supermarkets and an excellent independent butcher and deli through fashion shops, school wear, sports shops, jewellers, launderettes and hair and beauty salons to home and garden suppliers, doctors, opticians, dentists and chemist shops.There are many eateries from a family pub to bistros and cafes, takeaways to restaurants reflecting popular international cuisines. There is a church, a community hall and schools and nurseries. While nearby there is a good local theatre.

The Wylde Green Neighbourhood Forum consists of local residents and traders who have a passion to further improve and maintain the neighbourhood carrying out many initiatives and projects to this aim. All this is served by excellent public transport links – a fast and frequent bus service to Sutton centre and Birmingham City plus a railway station at Chester Road on the cross city line.


Following an initiative by Birmingham City Council, Birmingham Association of Neighbourhood Forums under the title of BANF were formed. The main objective of the Forum was to enhance and or maintain the quality of the area and to represent  residents and traders views in conjunction with the Local Councillors and City of Birmingham.

The first meeting was held in Wylde Green Community Centre 24th October 2005 and chaired by a representative from BANF weight loss.  It was agreed at this meeting to set up a Forum for Wylde Green following which a management committee was established and constitution agreed.

The Forum mission statement was titled “Putting the Green back into Wylde Green”

The inaugural public meeting was held on 29th November 2005 in the Community Centre. Subjects on the Agenda were: graffiti;  litter/litter bins/dog bins; parking/traffic wardens; rat running (speeding); road /pavement repairs; community safety; youth facilities/diversion activities; lighting programme; recycling; security issues.

Since its inception in 2005, the Forum has gone from strength to strength and has represented the residents and traders on many issues, forged close links with Local Councillors and Representatives of Birmingham City Council and has endeavoured to maintain its aims and the mission statement.

Just what you all wanted to see…. The Boundaries of our Wylde Green



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