335 Birmingham Rd. Sutton Coldfield – Planning Application 2017/07438/PA

335 Birmingham Rd. Sutton Coldfield
Planning Application 2017/07438/PA

The planning application for the site of the old  normon laud centre has submitted several revisions which I wanted to let you know about.
They intend to reduce the number of children down to 70 and have submitted plans to widen the road.
A number of residents and the surgery still feel that these do not go far enough, the car park spaces are too small, the issues with the turning circle at the end of the driveway remain, and the potential issues down to the main road, backing up especially with the crossing situated there remain.
They also mention the likely difficulties with surgery patents having car park spaces, inadequate disabled parking spaces, and a need for emergency vehicles to access the drive.
May I encourage you to submit your comments again in light of the revisions to the planning application.

I refer to the above planning application for change of use from a residential and special care centre (Use class C2) to a children’s day nursery (Use class D1) and for the provision of 11 no. additional car parking spaces at 335 Birmingham Road, Sutton Coldfield.
As per the attached the applicant has submitted a plan showing alterations to the access road to enable two vehicles to pass one another. They have also agreed to reduce the number of  children from 96 to 70. I will notify local residents of the proposed changes.”

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